Nokia launches 114 budget phone

Nokia used to be the king of smartphone industry, but in the past few years, things haven’t been exactly good for the company. Nokia has lost its place in the smartphone industry and in US, they have lost it completely. The Lumia range running Windows Phone 7 did pretty well initially, and Nokia gained a lot from the all new revolutionary interface that Microsoft introduced then, but the success was short lived because the Windows Phone app market isn’t as big as what Apple and Google have got, though it does have most of the commonly used apps. Secondly, Microsoft announced their plans for Windows Phone 8 and that the existing devices won’t be receiving the updates to the successor.

Windows Phone 8 is finally launched and Nokia is doing well, but we will come to that later. Nokia’s main market right now apparently isn’t the smartphone segment, but the mid and low end phones. Nokia sells a lot of these in developing countries like India and China where the brand still holds a lot of respect, and of course the company has to launch new devices from time to time in order to keep the segment interesting. December is thought to be a time when companies don’t really launch new devices, but seems like Nokia has proved us wrong by launching a new low end device.

Nokia quietly launched Nokia 114 on its Indian website today. Previously, Nokia had launched Nokia 109, a cheap entry level device targeted at the crowd which has very less disposable income. The device came packed a 1.8-inch TFT screen with 128×160 pixels resolution, dual-band GSM/EDGE connectivity, FM radio and microSD card slot. Nokia 109 was launched with a bit of fan fare, but for some reason the company decided to launch the 114 without any prior notification and much quietly. Speaking of the Nokia 114 which was launched today, it looks exactly like the 109, and perhaps it is apt to call them twins. Both have exactly the same size and design, though the Nokia 114 is a few grams heavier. Both the devices have the same 65K color screens with resolution of 128 x 160px with a 1.8-inch diagonals and the main difference is that the 114 is equipped with Dual SIM functionality plus a handful of other extras.

Dual SIM phones seem to have a lot of buyers, and the market is dominated by cheap Chinese phones which are often unreliable. Big companies started manufacturing dual SIM devices few years back and companies like Samsung are even launching dual SIM Android smartphones to cater the upper segment in the developing countries. The new Nokia 114 also packs a VGA camera which is capable recording QCIF video whereas the Bluetooth 2.1 capability should be great for sharing pirated music among friends. As of now, there is no word on pricing, but it should be really cheap considering the 109 which is available for just $42 before taxes. What are your thoughts on 114?

source: Nokia

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