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Nokia Could Launch 10-inch Windows RT Tablet at MWC 2013


Nokia has never been into tablets, not since the past few years at least. Back then the situation was very different, as Nokia was deeply involved in the development of Symbian and Maemo simultaneously. Since there was very little scope for thinking outside Symbian, Nokia never paid heed to tablets as the form factor was just beginning to catch up in the market. However, things are very different now with Nokia teaming up with Microsoft to bring the Windows Phone OS to their hardware.

This certainly gave birth to a lot of speculations that Nokia would probably step into the tablet market, and since Microsoft had already begun developing a dedicated tablet OS in the form of Windows 8, the possibility of a Nokia tablet seemed plausible. And now, there are reports emerging from Taiwanese supply chain sources claiming that Nokia could finally unveil that tablet at the Mobile World Congress in February. This 10-inch Nokia tablet apparently will run on Microsoft’s Windows 8 RT operating system and could go well with the Surface RT in the market. However, the event is still a good two months from now and we could see plenty of things change by then, so we recommend you to take this with a pinch of salt.

Nokia apparently was very keen on launching the device in the first quarter of 2013, but as Microsoft had to pay more importance to its own tablets, the plans got rescheduled. What this means is that Nokia always had a tablet in the pipeline and its research team were busy developing it since the past few months. This new offering from Nokia, would no doubt stand as a competitor to the likes of the Google Nexus 10 and the Apple iPad as they come under the same category. The Finns originally planned to launch the tablet with the Snapdragon S4 chipset, made by Compal Electronics. But these plans took a back seat when MS launched the Surface RT.

We’re now beginning to wonder if Nokia’s offering would have made a bigger splash in the market compared to Microsoft’s, given that the Finns have a substantially larger reach in the global arena. Microsoft’s Surface RT was until recently, only available in Microsoft’s online retail stores and a few bricks-and-mortar stores. Since Nokia is a well-known name and also has support of plenty of retailers around the world, initial sales of the device would have been fairly impressive. But well, that’s all in the past now and Nokia would want to improve on all that when it is believed to launch the tablet this coming February. Nokia’s sole focus is WP8 for now, and it’s good to see the company thinking outside the shell and jumping into the tablet arena as well (if any of this is true).

Source: Digitimes
Via: Phone Arena

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