Nexus Availability Checker App for Android Lets You Know When Your Desired Nexus Device is Back in Stock


The Google Nexus 4 isn’t quite the success Google expected it to be with the device running out of stock since a few weeks now (basically a couple of weeks after launch). The same goes with the Nexus 10 which is also quite a popular tablet among Android fans, but sadly has been out of stock in the Google Play Store since the past two weeks. And since the Play Store is the only place where these devices are available, there’s no other way for the users to get their hands on these devices. With this condition, users usually resorted to visiting the Play Store listing frequently and clicking the F5 button to refresh the page and see if it’s back in stock the old fashioned way. But now, users might not have to do that anymore with an app letting you know of the devices’ availability via email.

This app called the Nexus Availability Checker, is pretty simple as you would have guessed by the name. It’s not an official Google app, but the UI is pretty idealistic to keep you updated on the availability of your favorite Nexus device. There are a few user defined settings which the users can play around with. The app lets you select the Nexus device that they would like to be updated about and can also select all three if that’s what they want. The app can be set to check the Play Store for availability at various time intervals ranging from once a minute to once a day. Prices are shown in the currency of your region, so that you know how much it costs exactly. The app is developed by Julien Vermet, so here’s shout out to him. There are plenty of users out there aching to get either of the Nexus devices, especially the Nexus 4. But its limited stock has often been disheartening for the users. With this, a notification will pop up (with vibrate or a tone) when your desired device is back in stock again.

We really love the idea of this app and it could go a long way in easing the process of waiting for your beloved Nexus to be back in stock again. However, if all the users grow fond of this app, then I guess we’re back to the same point where everybody is placing the order at the same time, in the end resulting in stocks running out. Download the app from the Google Play Store for free from the link provided below. You can also scan the QR code below to download the said app.


Source: Google Play Store
Via: Phone Arena