Nexus 4 Sold Out In The UK And Germany, No Surprise Here


The Nexus 4 is officially sold out on the Google Play store in the United Kingdom and Germany again. The 8GB model was sold out within hours of the second batch of stock becoming available a couple of weeks ago. Until now, the 16GB model was available to buy, albeit with excruciatingly painful shipping window estimated at 6-7 weeks. There is no word as to when a third batch of stock will become available, albeit we do hope there will be some soon as LG and Google work closely together to fix the matter at hand.

This news comes shortly after news surfaced that some customers who’d received a 3-5 day shipping estimate had not received their order(s). This lead to many disgruntled customers reaching out to Google UK & Ireland boss Dan Cobley. Cobley apologized for the delayed orders over the weekend via a Google+ post, updating us on the situation with LG saying that stock had been “scarce and erratic.” He also mentioned that customers who did not receive their device in the 3-5 day shipping estimate would be getting their shipping charges refunded. It was also mentioned that orders with pre-Christmas shipping estimates would be processed this week.

Hopefully Google and LG will get the shortages figured out soon. There are still a lot of potential customers eager to get their hands on the Nexus 4.

Did any of you manage to snag a Nexus 4 before the device went out of stock? How did your ordering experience go? Was it any better than when the first batch of stock was available? Let us know in the comments below!

source: Google Play

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