Nexus 4 Now In Stock At Select T-Mobile Stores



There is no doubt that a lot of you a quite frustrated over the lack of stock with Google’s LG-manufactured Nexus 4, especially with Christmas right around the corner. Those of you who are still waiting to grab one may be able to get one last chance before Christmas via T-Mobile. As you know, T-Mobile sold out of Nexus 4 devices a while back, but some speculation has surfaced saying that select T-Mobile brick-and-mortar stores would soon be getting another load of Nexus 4 stock.

Marketing material was sent out to these select T-Mobile stores alerting shoppers that the Google Nexus 4 is available for purchase. Granted, every T-Mobile store won’t have stock, but I imagine that some of the larger brick-and-mortar stores would have stock. Rumors are going around saying that the majority of the T-Mobile stores receiving the device were not among the stores that had the Nexus 4 to sell when the first batch of stock available for purchase.

T-Mobile offers the 16 gig Nexus 4 for a whopping $499, which is a whole $150 more than what the pricing is on the Play Store. Granted, you won’t be finding the Nexus 4 in stock anytime soon on the Play Store, so shelling that extra $150 out may just be worth it to a few consumers out there. You can get the device a good $300 cheaper if you’re willing to get into a new two-year contract. This is after a $50 mail-in rebate though.

This could be your last chance to grab the device for Christmas, so you better act fast!

source: tmonews

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