Newell hints Valve’s PC-like gaming console coming in 2013

In a recent interview with Valve’s co-founder, Gabe Newell, he hinted that the company is developing its own gaming hardware that may be released in 2013. This is in light to the company’s continuing pursuit to innovate and offer better experience to its loyal customers. Being one of the top-notch video game developers, Valve has one good reason to develop its own hardware that would serve as platform for its games, although many doubt it would become a hit.

For now, there is not enough information that would describe Valve’s gaming console accurately. However, Kotaku’s interview with Newell revealed the following facts:

Living-room-friendly PC Package

Basically, Valve is planning to build a custom PC that would offer entertainment in the living room like no regular PCs. There are conflicting reports suggesting it would run either Microsoft’s Windows operating system or the open-source OS, Linux.

Based on the capability of Microsoft’s latest OS, it is most likely that Valve would opt it over the latter considering it seeks to produce an ultimate entertainment hub for gamers and the whole family.

PlayStation and Xbox Competitor

Newell made a bold statement saying the machine his company is developing would pose a competition against already successful gaming consoles from Sony, PlayStation 3, and Microsoft, Xbox 360.

In the history of gaming, only these two consoles were successful enough to still exist this day partially because they are offered at reasonable price ranges. PCs with decent specs, on the other hand, would play at around $600 to $800. One of the ways Valve can compete with these consoles is to offer its machine at the same price range.


Valve’s plan is actually good for the company and its loyal patrons. But it would take a lot of effort and extensive marketing campaigns just to make it on par with its competitors. Following is also one way to make it a hit but that’s one thing Valve cannot buy as it requires loyalty. But let’s wait and see what the company is planning about it.

[source: Kotaku | via: Tom’s Hardware]

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