New Android Malware Can Launch DDoS Attacks From Your Smartphone

Be careful of what you install on your Android device as you might unwittingly get it infected with malware. A new Android malware has just been discovered called Android.DDoS.1.origin and works by carrying out a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack from your smartphone to any target.


This latest threat was discovered by a Russian security company, Doctor Web, which reported this new threat uses social engineering techniques to spread itself. Android.DDoS.1.origin disguises itself as a Google Play icon tricking users into thinking it is the real thing. Once you click on it you will be routed to the actual Google Play store which is its way of distracting you from what is really happening.

This malware works in the background without your knowledge. Once it is activated it searches for its command and control center and sends out information regarding your device there. One piece of information that will be sent is your phone number. The criminals will be using this number to send text messages to your phone to control the malware.

The commands that can be sent to your infected device are for it to launch a DDoS attack or to send out text messages. A DDoS attack is performed when your device receives an IP address and a port that that it will need to ping. While one smartphone won’t make a difference, imagine what millions of infected smartphones can do to a particular site. It’s going to take that site down once it reaches critical mass. Your device can also be used as a platform to send spam text messages which might let you incur charges from your network provider.

The good news about this is that it doesn’t seem to be spreading quickly. You should however be prepared to take preventive measures by always making sure to have an updated security software running on your Android device.

via venturebeat