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Nemo Finds its way into iOS, Android with Nemo’s Reef

It’s Christmas! And knowing how much people love playing games in leisure, Disney Mobile Games has released two new titles this week- Where’s my Holiday?, and Nemo’s Reef. The games have been released on both iOS and Andorid platforms.

While, ‘Where’s my Holiday?’ is a hybrid version of ‘Where’s my Perry?’ and ‘Where’s my Water?’, Nemo’s Reef is an altogether different concept.

Nemo’s Reef brings an underwater world experience to the players, where players can customize the world by bringing characters from the film to their respective coral reefs. Characters like, Nemo, Dory, Marlin, Bubbles, Crush and more are available along the way.

Unlike Pixar’s classic movie Finding Nemo, Nemo’s reef isn’t about exploration or adventure. Rather, it’s rather about staying at one place and making the same spot, beautiful. Nemo’s Reef is an extension to the movie’s story and describes the turn-up of events, sometime after Nemo’s big adventure.mzl.nkfyysqn.320x480-751

Nemo’s Reef begins when Nemo receives a school assignment, which asks him to build his reef and attract some rare forms of sea life. The gameplay is very much analogous to city-building games, but instead of roads, houses, and buildings, here you have to deal with coral, seaweed, sunken treasure, and other delights of the sea.

As players proceed in the game, they can avail more than 50 different kinds of fish by growing various kinds of seeds and plants in their habitat. By wisely using the Sand Dollars (currency), and Algae (plant food), players can balance the growth of living plants and decorative plants. Living plants house new fish, while the decorative plants attract more fishes in the area.mzl.yigdqkaw.320x480-751

To add the socializing element, Nemo’s Reef also allows players to visit their friends’ reef and compare their collections. Though the game allows you to make some purchases through the in-app menu, you can always play the game for free.

While Finding Nemo fans might be enthralled to see some familiar faces again, the gameplay disappoints. There’s lot of tapping, waiting, and more waiting. The app forces you to spend currency on the most useless of things. The app seems half-baked, with most fishes giving nearly dead expressions, bringing no life to emotions or dialogues.

All in all, it’s a pretty run-of-the-mill app from Disney. Perhaps, even saying that would be an exaggeration.

How did you find Nemo’s Reef? Do you find the world of ‘Nemo’s Reef’ worth exploring?

Let us know in the comments below.

Download: iOS | Android

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