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Motorola Atrix HD on AT&T Getting Android 4.1 Update Now


People seem to be expecting a lot from Motorola ever since the company was acquired by Google last year. And people aren’t wrong in doing that, as for once people began looking positively towards Motorola when it came to software updates. Not that the company lived up to the hopes anyways, but it was quick to update the Razr lineup with Ice Cream Sandwich back then. And now the company has announced the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the Atrix HD smartphone on AT&T. The carrier announced the update on a detailed blog post and also shed light into the new features making its way with the update. AT&T proudly brags of this being its 4th device to run the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update after the Samsung Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III and the HTC One X+.

Most of the Jelly Bean goodness we saw in the June announcement of the update is on board here, including the whole suite of quick notifications and quick settings. It is a little confusing though that AT&T is claiming to have the quick settings feature with this update, as the said feature comes with Android 4.2. So it’s either a mistake on Motorola or AT&T’s part or a different functionality altogether. Much importantly, the new update brings forth Google Now, which has won nothing but praises ever since it was launched. Although it can’t do a lot of things natively like Siri does, it can fetch web data lot quicker than Siri as most of the data comes from Google. In co-ordination with Google Maps, Google Now can give transit directions/routes in no time. This is an area where Android has a significant advantage over iOS. The update also brings forth improvements to the camera app.

Motorola has also made a few cosmetic changes to the UI, which includes a “filmstrip mode” in the photo gallery which will give a nice layout of all your images and give you the ability to easily delete them or share them. Also on board are a bunch of neat swipe gestures to turn on/off Wi-Fi right within the homescreen. The improved notifications bar lets users view more content than ever with a pinch to expand gesture neatly placed, as we saw in Jelly Bean. Users can either wait for the update notification to hit their Atrix HD smartphone or manually look for the update by heading over to Settings-About Phone-Software Updates.

All in all, the update seems a little overdue as Motorola’s companionship with Google was expected to instigate some sort of an urgency when it comes to updates. But it seems like the company doesn’t want to change its old habits, not as of now. Either way, the update is a neat addition to your Atrix HD smartphone, now all we’re waiting for is to see other Motorola smartphones like the Razr HD, Razr Maxx HD, Razr M etc to get the second greatest version of Android. There’s no word yet on when Motorola would roll out the Android 4.2 update to its lineup of smartphones. But considering that it’s merely a “dot” update from Android 4.1, there shouldn’t be incompatibility issues.

Source: AT&T
Via: Phone Scoop

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