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Microsoft Windows RT Ported Onto a HTC HD2


It’s baffling to see how some developers manage to get newest versions of an OS running on a relatively older device. This is crucial for devices which are usually forgotten by its creators. Due to (alleged) hardware limitations, manufacturers quickly write off a device from their update list. The HTC HD2 is one of them. The device didn’t have much luck with updates as Microsoft was shifting to an entirely new OS with Windows Phone 7 at the time. But this didn’t stop the developers from exploring modding options within the device. This is why the HTC HD2 is known to be a very developer friendly smartphone. We’ve seen Android run on this smartphone, which is a marvel to us all. And as surprising as that was, we have something now which is equally astonishing, if not more. Renowned Dark Forces Team hacker Cotulla, who specializes in Windows Phone ROMs and other tweaks, has now managed to get Windows RT working on the HTC HD2. Yes, as strange/absurd/surprising as it sounds, this is exactly what he has done. There’s no issue with compatibility as Windows RT requires ARM based processors which is what most smartphones have anyways. If you’re wondering whether this is stable, well we can’t quite vouch for that yet, but the effort made by Cotulla is very commendable.

The HTC HD2 is a juggernaut in every sense of the word. And I can understand why people who sold the device in return for a newer model would regret their decision. There have been plenty of smartphones that arrived after the HD2, and despite that, this giant never lost steam and withstood the test of time, one of the very few smartphones capable of doing that actually. So while this Windows RT port might not be fully complete or working, it feels good to see developers still showing faith in the device. Cotulla is also known for ports of the Windows Phone 7.8 ROMs on legacy Windows Phone 7 smartphones. This is yet another feather in his cap.

We know very well where Microsoft is heading with Windows RT, and there’s zero possibility as of now to get it on smartphones since there’s already a dedicated platform for that (WP8). Perhaps in the future, Microsoft could look to unify the mobile and tablet OSes into one like how iOS and Android devices are today. There’s still some distance to go for that though, and we’ll know more about Microsoft’s plans when the next major Windows Phone update is announced. Until then, we can merely watch as these dedicated developers continue to come up with something new.

Source: Cotulla – Twitter
Via: Pocketnow

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