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Microsoft Wanted To Implement Features of WP8 3 Years Ago


Windows Phone OS has taken a turn with Windows Phone 8 by leaving older WP7.x smartphones behind. This was a move criticized by many, yet one which couldn’t have been avoided as Microsoft had to make things more competitive in the mobile space. One of the key elements of the new OS is the change in the homescreen design with the ability to resize tiles (which will make its way to older devices as well with WP7.8). And according to Eugene Gavrilov, who is the head of Design Integration for the Windows Phone team, this is what the gang had in mind all along since 3 years. According to him, the concept of having resizable tiles for the Windows Phone OS existed from the get-go, although it wasn’t possible to get it onboard. In his words, Windows Phone 7 was a test or a prelude to the actual thing i.e Windows Phone 8 which makes some sense. But we’re fairly certain that there’s still some way to go for WP8 to stand up against the big guns. All this was revealed during Gavrilov’s interview with which is a Russian Windows Phone forum.

It’s good to see the Windows Phone design team coming with some sort of a clarification on the history of the OS. He further said that the team takes suggestions from the users about the platform and they take most of the advices if they think it’s necessary. However, he said that it’s not quite possible to get every desired feature on board the new OS, which is quite understandable. The sad news however is that he slightly hinted at the fact that WP7.8 could be the end of the road for WP7.x smartphones. This isn’t actually a shocker as most of us knew what was in store for WP7 owners. He however mentioned that the development of the platform would continue if markets like China, India and Russia show positive results for these smartphones.

Windows Phone 8 is currently suffering from limited availability. This is something which will take some time to get fixed, so until then WP7 OEMs will have to make the best of the opportunity. The current hot selling WP8 smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 920 is available only in limited locations. Perhaps the Finns wanted to maintain exclusivity for some time, but that is certainly not going down with fans elsewhere. As for the future of the platform, it will be rather interesting to see where Microsoft will take it with Windows Phone 9, which should be at least two years away from now. Fans will hope to see some massive changes in the platform by then.

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Via: WM Poweruser

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