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Microsoft Seeking Android Malware Horror Stories in Return For a “Get-Well” Present


Microsoft, Apple and Google are all competitors in the field. Nobody is friends with nobody, and that’s how it should be in a highly competitive mobile/tech industry. And it is normal in this field to have competitors lash out at each other in the media or through any other medium. Google has done that, Apple has done that on several occasions and so has Microsoft. But this time, Microsoft has gone a step further in poking fun at its rival with the #DroidRage campaign on Twitter. Well, Microsoft is basically asking distraught Android users to share their plight and suffering with malware in their smartphone. In return, Microsoft apparently will offer the “best/worst” story with a get-well present, which we presume is a fancy new Windows Phone. This is a pretty aggressive strategy to increase the following of Windows Phone 8 in the market and one that is unlikely to work.

Android has been criticized in the past for allowing several privacy related malware into the system, and rightly so. But Google has been hard at work to remove such apps from the Play Store and decrease Android malware in general. But it seems as though Microsoft is mainly targeting owners of older Android devices, as newer versions of Android are more secure and better. Android 4.2 in particular is believed to have a malware scanner built right into the OS, which goes a long way in reducing malware. As you can see from the image above, Microsoft was pretty clear with its stand and wanted to make a point to the world. And as if that wasn’t enough, Microsoft was kind enough to give Android users a to-do list. The steps are as follows:

1) Wait for your Android phone to get infected with malware.
2) Recover from SMS scam bill shock
3) Skip steps 1 & 2, buy a Windows Phone and connect with people you care about instead of some hacker plotting in a dank basement.

Wow, incredibly witty, right? Well, if this is the sort of marketing Microsoft has to resort to in order to increase their falling marketshare, we wonder what the future holds. Regardless, people really seem to be enjoying this new poke by Microsoft and we’re all taking it as a joke for now. You can find Microsoft’s Windows Phone mouthpiece on Twitter, @windowsphone and let them know if you have some stories to share. All in good fun.

Source: Twitter (@windowsphone)
Via: Pocketnow

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