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Microsoft Not Being Able to offer Nokia Lumia 920s to its Own Employees Due To Limited Stocks


Microsoft is pretty pumped up for the Windows Phone operating system and rightly so. Its employees work like ants to keep things together and they are indeed a hardworking bunch. And to reward them, Microsoft had initially promised to give a Windows Phone 8 device each to all of its employees. And while it was fulfilled in most parts, a report which is emerging now suggests that the company could be shying away from that promise to fulfil customer orders. This info comes from Microsoft Germany, which had apparently placed internal orders for about 1500 units of the Nokia Lumia 920. And out of these, only a few have arrived, it is said. A Microsoft employee was quick to leak this info out and tell the world about it. It must be noted that Microsoft had promised its employees a WP8 smartphone of their choice and not necessarily the Nokia Lumia 920. But considering the fact that the Lumia 920 is one of the premier WP8 smartphones out there, we can understand why a majority of the employees would order that.

This is what a tipster from Microsoft Germany had to say – “Microsoft Germany renounces in favor of the consumer on the supply of most of the internal Lumia 920 orders. They were ordered around 1500 units and only a fraction of it has been delivered. Most of the equipment was the Telekom sale left to business customers.

It is not news to us that the Nokia Lumia 920, despite being one of the top WP8 smartphones, is facing shortage issues. Well, not the kind of shortage that the Nexus 4 is seeing, but there’s a scarcity regardless. So this pretty much reaffirms the reports we’ve been hearing as devices have been running out of stock pretty quick. It was reported that some AT&T stores in the U.S were keeping pretty low stocks of the device, which continues to surprise everybody. It is being deemed as Microsoft’s only hope at a revival in the mobile arena, as other competitive offerings haven’t performed that greatly. There haven’t been many to begin with, but we guess things could change once the Samsung Ativ S sees a wider roll out.

So it is rather unfortunate for Microsoft that Nokia is having trouble keeping up with supply of the device internally. Perhaps the Finns underestimated the sales of the device. With Christmas almost here, we expect Nokia to increase production of the smartphone so as to increase shipments of the Lumia 920. It is being reported that Huawei will unveil a new WP8 device at the CES event in January. Huawei is known to have a stronghold in the Chinese market, which is where the Lumia 920T was recently launched. So Nokia needs to step up its game if it wants to sustain in the most populous country in the world, because Huawei is very well loved in China and Nokia would find it difficult to take them on.

Source: WP Area (German)
Via: WM Poweruser

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