Major Update Coming To The Google+ App Later Today


Google’s been really good about updating their services this past week, and things don’t seem like they’re slowing down either, as Google social boss Vic Gundotra mentioned that he “couldn’t sleep” last night. That said, we were all expecting some big news surrounding Google+ today. It turns out that Google is preparing to roll out a new version of Google+ for Android, along with a couple of updates to the web version as well. Some new additions in this update include a few new photo features, improved support for Photo Sphere (a camera feature that was introduced in the recently released Android 4.2 update), and integration with the new Google+ Communities feature. We’ll also be seeing Google+ integration with Google Now as well.

Google has said that the update for Google+ will land on Android devices later today, including the new features for the web version of Google+.

I’m personally excited to see Google+ integration with Google Now. It’ll be awesome to easily see peoples birthdays without doing a whole lot of searching. Another cool feature — the ability to have up to 5GB of backup space for Instant Upload.

There are a plethora of updates for the web version of Google+ that is supposed to land later today as well. Make sure to head over to the source link below where Google has a full feature breakdown for just about everything that’s happening today with Google+!

source: Google


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