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Mac OS Runs On Android Device

Imagine having your Android smartphone run on Mac OS. If you think it is impossible then think again. Senior XDA member fotax-x has just released a guide on how to run Mac OS on the Xperia X8 but is going to work on any Android device as well.

You are not going to run the latest Mac OS version though but instead the ancient one which was used in the Mac Plus. For those who haven’t heard of this, the Mac Plus was released in 1986 and was the third Macintosh model.

To accomplish this you are going to need an Android version of the Mini VMac installed in your device. This is an emulator for early Mac operating systems which someone has ported over to the Android.

So what can you do with the OS on your device? You can actually do some basic editing work, explore the menu systems and play old games such as Shufflepuck Café and Dungeon of Doom. Aside from his there’s really nothing much to do. It would however make a great conversational piece if you hang out with your friends and show it to them.

Here’s the procedure on how to get Mac running on your Android device

  • Download Mini vMac from Google Play
  • Download Mac Plus OS from here
  • Open your file manager and go to sdcard. Create new folder and name it minivmac/sdcard/minivmac
  • Extract Mac Plus files in /minivmac folder
  • Open Mini vMac.apk from your app drawer
  • press the menu button on your phone and tap “Insert disk”
  • and then tap on “896K”
  • Enjoy

Once you have it running on your smartphone or tablet you could go to your favorite coffee shop and hang out with your friends using a MacBook Pro. Say to them “Oh, you’re using the latest Mountain lion? I prefer the classic one” as you show them your device.

via XDA

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