Lenovo ThinkPad Helix Gets FCC Approval

Remember the Lenovo ThinkPad Helix that was first spotted last October? This Windows 8 based laptop tablet hybrid device just recently got an approval from the FCC which means it is definitely headed to the U.S. market. The company hasn’t made any official statements yet regarding this model however we are positive that they will be doing so next month at CES.

So far little is known yet about the ThinkPad Helix and what we know about it was taken from a posting on Lenovo’s Israeli site but has been removed already. Here’s what we do know about it.

  • 11.6 inch display
  • Capacitive touchscreen
  • 1920 x 1080 pixel
  • Intel Ivy Bridge processor up to Core i7
  • Intel GMA HD 400 graphics
  • Windows 8
  • 10 hour battery life

Although hybrid devices are still few in the market there is going to be a demand for this in the next few months. The release of Windows 8 has made it possible for devices to act as laptops and tablets at the same time. People who still want to use their laptops yet want the portability of tablets will definitely choose hybrid devices.

From what little information that we know about the ThinkPad Helix we are impressed by the 10 hour battery life that it reportedly has. This would be amazing if you were to choose the Core i7 model however we are still skeptical about this knowing that the i7 consumes a lot of power.

It appears that two variants of this device got an FCC approval. The first one has an AT&T LTE card in it and is able to support the AT&T-only (700MHz) and AT&T-compatible (1700MHz and 2100MHz) bands.  The second is a Wi-Fi only model.

Lenovo is definitely aiming for business users in the U.S. with this device as it aims to increase its presence in the tablet market.

No pricing information or release date has been announced as of this time.

via zdnet

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