Labbler: The Social Network for Music Professionals And Fans

So you think we have all the social networks that we need right now? A new social network has just began operations and is currently in open beta Labbler is a new social network that tried to be different by catering to music professionals and fans alike. While you might think that this is another MySpace copycat there’s actually more to it.


What this network aims to accomplish is to connect everyone related to the music industry all in one place. This means that recording artists, producers, fans, dj’s, agents, and others will have one place to go to. In theory this is actually great since music artists can easily connect with agents while fans can easily get updates on their favorite artists. While this can easily be done through other networks such as Facebook or Twitter, Labbler goes a step further by providing users with advanced features.

An artist will be able to easily import his or her tracks to Labbler using either Beatport or Soundcloud. Advanced analytics will be presented to better understand what the audience and potential partner’s wants. In the future features such as invoicing, deal tracking and business ranking will be added. A Supplier’s category will also be added for fans to be able to buy digital content. Other features will also be added in the future depending on the feedback of users.

Since this is a new network what is lacking right now is the number of members. If more artists will be using this network then it will be great for the music industry.

Signing up is easy and all you need is a valid email address. Once you are verified you will immediately see your profile page. On top of the page are categories which separate the feeds coming from Artists, Labels, Clubs, Media, Promoters, Bookings, and Events. This makes it easier for you to determine what kind of posts are being made.

If you love music or are connected with the music industry then try to check out Labbler.

Via Labbler