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Jolla’s Sailfish OS Gets the Hands-On Treatment


Nokia’s promising looking MeeGo platform was ditched once and for all when the Finns got too focused on Windows Phone 7, thanks largely to the entry of Stephen Elop. The MeeGo platform was an evolution of Maemo which featured on handsets like the N900. The last known MeeGo handset was the Nokia N9 and the N950 (developer version). Sadly, the device saw very limited sales and that was because the smartphone wasn’t launched in the UK, U.S or major Asian countries, because Nokia was looking to launch the Lumia 800 right about then. But whoever managed to get their hands on the device were instant fans of the smartphone and the all touch UI. And since the development for the platform stopped, a few ex-Nokia developers decided to form their own company called Jolla which would rejuvenate the platform with a new OS called Sailfish. Very little has been known about the OS, except for a few scanty images, but now the folks at Engadget have managed to get some hands on time with the smartphone and it certainly looks promising. The fact that the OS is shown off on a Nokia N950 should hardly come as a surprise as these developers have been working with this smartphone for quite a while now.

The platform comes with support for true multitasking which shows us a small preview of the minimized app on the homescreen. Several of the platform’s features were shown off in the video, right from multi-tasking to deep customization, the Sailfish OS can handle it all. The OS has been designed in a way that the certain parts of the user interface changes according to the wallpaper you set, now that’s a neat touch. Shortcuts on the lockscreen can be arranged nicely as well. It’s obviously a work in progress, so not everything is perfect just yet. Most of the features remind heavily of MeeGo, especially the all swipe gestures. There’s no doubt that the gang has some creativity and it would go a long way in shaping the future for the OS.

The folks at Jolla have made the Sailfish SDK public so that the developers can have a brief look at the OS and pass on suggestions if any. Plenty of these features have been displayed in the hands on video, so make sure you catch that. All in all, it’s good to see ex-Nokia employees quick to act and bring an OS to the fore. Although it’s still in its developmental stages, it won’t take long to attract users. However, we fear if projects like these will remain merely as an experiment as there’s hardly any room for a new platform to make way into the market. Those who were impressed by the Nokia N9 and the MeeGo Harmattan OS, would certainly take a liking to Jolla’s new offering.

Source: Engadget
Via: GSM Arena

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