iPhone 5 Now In Stock And Available In All Colors And Storage Capacities


There’s no doubt that the iPhone 5 has had a successful launch, unfortunately successful launches often mean that the product will be going in and out of stock non-stop for at least a couple of months. It now seems like Apple has gotten their groove together, as the Apple website is now showing that the iPhone 5 is in stock in all colors and storage capacities. The iPhone 5 has definitely not been almost impossible to get like the Nexus 4, but the demand for the iPhone 5 is definitely there. Some retailers are even offering some great deals on the iPhone 5 for the holiday season, which makes it a great time to pick up the device for your loved one(s) this Christmas!

So, since Apple is now making a substantial amount of iPhone 5’s for the public, that must mean they are continuing to do fairly well with their sales. Granted, that could go a totally different way and their sales could actually be decreasing. Regardless, it’d be interesting to get some actual numbers out of Apple, especially with the launch of the S III and Note II this year, not to even mention the exasperating demand of the Nexus 4.

With the amount of sales the Note II and S III are seeing alone, I’d assume that iPhone sales have seen better days. That’s not to say that my assumption is correct, of course.

Are you going to be picking up an iPhone 5 for a loved one this holiday season? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

via: Phone Arena

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