Huawei To Launch a 5-inch 1080p Smartphone at CES 2013


Huawei has been known to take people by surprise with its smartphones, especially with its pricing. The Chinese manufacturer renowned for making modems and other networking related equipment stepped into the smartphone scene a few years ago. And with each passing year, the company has grown immensely and managed to impress one and all. We’re now hearing of something more praiseworthy from the company as it is believed that Huawei is all set to launch a new 5-inch 1080p smartphone of its own at the CES convention in January. This info comes just after we heard that the company will take the wraps off its first Windows Phone 8 device at CES. In addition to the 5-inch 1080p droid, Huawei is also believed to be working on a “superphone” scheduled for release during the second half of 2013. This could well be the Galaxy Note II competitor that the company was believed to be working on. We might have to wait a while to see that one, but the CES in January is certainly going to be a major event for the company. Speaking more about the alleged 6-inch smartphone, Huawei’s CMO said – “If our R & D people have not made a mistake, then we have in the second half of 2013 something better than Apple and Samsung”.

The trend for 1080p displays has already caught up and HTC was the one to kick it off with the J Butterfly, followed up by the Droid DNA on Verizon. Besides HTC’s offering, the other company to offer a 1080p display was the Chinese mobile maker Oppo, which recently unveiled the Oppo Find 5. For now, we’ll completely neglect the so called superphone from Huawei and focus more on what’s coming first at CES. This 5-inch smartphone will apparently have a few special features which would make it stand out from the competition. Does anyone else feel like the Samsung Galaxy S III has suddenly gotten old in the market? Well, that’s how it is in the mobile arena where devices get obsolete once every 8 months or until the next version is launched. It is important to note that companies like Huawei don’t quite have the exposure and popularity of Samsung or even HTC, so it will have to invest large sums of money into marketing to get this new droid through to the people. Of course, the manufacturer’s home turf China needs no introduction of the company, so we should see it doing fairly well in the country. It’s easy to get excited about Huawei’s or Oppo’s offerings, but we often tend to forget that most of these smartphones either remain an exclusive to Asian countries or arrive in the global arena a little too late. Let’s hope that trend changes with these new droids.

Technology is certainly evolving, and in a couple of months from now, we should know more as to what and how beneficial it is for the market. Contrary to numerous reports, it has been suggested that Samsung’s next major flagship i.e. the Galaxy S IV will not feature a breakthrough display technology. That’s not to say that it won’t come with a 1080p display, but it merely means that reports of a flexible/unbreakable display on the new flagship could be false. What this means is that companies like Huawei and HTC could woo some early implementers of this new display tech. Let’s hope we get to see some of these devices in action soon. Huawei’s WP8 device should find a decent market too as Microsoft does most of the marketing for its partners’ smartphones, which should be a bonus for the company.

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Via: Phone Arena