Huawei to build R&D Center in Finland

Huawei, one of the biggest handset manufacturers in China, revealed its plan to open an R&D center in Helsinki, Finland. According to sources, the project would cost approximately $90 million. The Chinese company maybe planning to overrun Nokia’s place in the market by adding more workers particularly in Europe in the following years.

People who are knowledgeable about the plan said the project, once operational, will be given a budget that could support operational costs for the next five years and that it is planning to hire more than 100 employees as a startup in Nokia’s turf. They will be responsible for writing the software of the company’s Android and Windows Phone devices.

It may be the company’s first office in Finland but it is actually 11th across Europe providing jobs to over 7,000 workers. It is expecting to reach up to 14,000 by the year 2017. Apparently, it is planning to focus on the global technology market while staying as one of China’s most dependable manufacturers.

In September, the company also revealed it has allotted an amount of $2 billion to be used in building offices in the U.K. and an R&D center in Spain as well. Seemingly, it is currently focusing on putting up several centers in Europe. But the funny thing is Huawei’s R&D center in Finland is nearby Nokia’s headquarters in Espoo. No one actually knows what would become of Nokia as a company. However, it seems like Huawei is trying to predict that it wouldn’t last very long and that it is making sure it already has a strong foundation in the country by the time the other couldn’t survive.

As one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers, Huawei is simply trying to find room to expand its company and it may have found Finland as one of the most conducive places to build a center for mobile business. The company is very optimistic about its expansion plan in Europe. In the global market, Huawei products are becoming more and more popular as it started building high-end products and devices with pretty impressive specs.

For now, there is a scarcity of information about Huawei’s European invasion plan. What is shown to the people is its aggressiveness in claiming its piece of the pie. In Asia, Huawei became the most sought-after manufacturer when it comes to communication devices including mobile phones and USB dongles. One of its strategies is to tie up with ISPs to promote its product.

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