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HTC Windows Phone 8X “Limited Edition” Available to Verizon Employees

Verizon, the leading wireless company in the U.S., offers a special “limited edition” HTC Windows 8X smartphone to its dedicated employees. It is HTC’s flagship smartphone running on a Windows 8 platform and comes in a cool grey with limelight yellow highlighted colors.

Verizon employees who will luckily get a share of this new Windows Phone 8 “Employees Edition”
device will then be the first to benefit from its powerful specs and attributes.

Features and Specs

The HTC Windows Phone 8X has a grey-metal body color and a fine label on the back, which indicates that the device is on a limited edition. The phone also has an individual numbering, which denotes that it is exclusively designed for selected Verizon employees only.

Besides its nice candy body colors, HTC’s 8X also comes with a 4.3” LCD 2 HD screen, promising an imposing display with decent 342ppi pixel density. It integrates a modern 28mm dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 chipset, 1GB RAM and internal memory at 16GB. These are likely similar specs to that of the other Windows Phone 8 handsets such as Nokia Lumia 920 and Samsung ATIV S. But the PureView camera makes the distinction.

The HTC Windows Phone 8X also features Why Beats Audio, offering users with a unique audio amplifier that powers a 3.5mm audio jack. The audio signal is boosted by the speaker, producing an even better sound for music, gaming, and video streaming. It also entrenched the company’s exclusive ImageSense technology that makes ultra-fast image capturing, plus a nonstop shot mode for taking multiple frames in every second.

Eligible Recipients

Verizon has yet to confirm as to how many devices will be manufactured and if all of the employees will be able to acquire the device. While the new WP8 gadget is exclusive for Verizon employees, regular folks can still acquire this limited edition device on eBay and Craigslist soon. Of course, it will not yet be available from HTC retailers in the market. However, there is a big possibility that Verizon employees will be purchasing these phones and sell them on a higher price. Interested customers who yearn to get a share of this Windows limited edition phone would not mind paying much just to own such a very cool and unique gadget.

Promotional Strategy

Verizon is a wireless voice message, data products and services providers in the United States. Due to its reliable wireless communication services, it becomes the leading wireless service provider in the country. Serving millions of wireless and high-speed internet subscribers in the U.S, it enables people and businesses to communicate with each other. Thus, the company is not only committed to aiding its customers and investors, but to its employees as well.

Manufacturers with their carrier partners strive harder to offer special products and services to their consumers. However, it is not often that this partnership bids a unique product for distinctive consumers. But a positive response coming from the clients will reinforce this partnership, to manufacture another limited edition exclusive to these selective individuals.

Recently, Verizon and Motorola shaped a limited edition Droid RAZR smartphone handsets, only available to their staffs. Due to its employees’ positive response, HTC in partnership, with Verizon has come up with the same idea, to offer a few of its Windows Phone 8X Limited Edition merely to some selected Verizon personnel. The availability date of this new handset has not yet been disclosed.

Source: Phone Arena

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