HTC Butterfly J Will See an Increase In Shipments Thanks To Good Sales in Japan


HTC has been having a poor run in the market, courtesy of strong sales numbers from Samsung and the recently launched Apple iPhone 5. The company has been failing to make an impact in the market despite several attempts by the company. But with the new Droid DNA/Butterfly in the market, things were expected to change. And it seems like sales are picking up for HTC, which is now believed to be producing and shipping more HTC Butterfly smartphones as the holiday season approaches. What this means is that the smartphone is well in demand in the limited countries that it is available in right now. In the U.S, the Verizon Droid DNA has seen plenty of takers too and has been a success in its own right. However, the Samsung Galaxy Note II could stand in its way with the holiday season approaching. We can’t help but wonder how drastically HTC’s sales would grow if it were to launch the Butterfly on a much larger scale in the EU or probably in Asian countries other than Taiwan, Japan and China.

Jack Tong, president of HTC’s North Asia division said – “We will ship a large number of devices by the end of this month, due to the success of the HTC Butterfly J in Japan”. So his words suggest that the device is widely popular in Japan, but it tells very little about how it has fared in the U.S. The device is no doubt an instant attention grabber with its gorgeous 5-inch 1080p Super LCD3 panel and a very slim form factor too. It is expected that HTC’s new flagship sees a much wider rollout in the market which would mean that the device would get much more exposure and inevitably the sales would increase too.

The device runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box along with Sense UI 4+ which was introduced with the One X+. Deeper inside the device is a quad core Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset clocked at 1.5 GHz and a hefty 2GB of RAM. There’s also the standard set of camera sensors on the Butterfly which utilize the HTC ImageSense chip. And unlike the American variant of the Droid DNA, this one comes with an expandable microSD card slot. So that’s a big bonus for the device over its American counterpart. It is believed that a regular 3G version of the Butterfly is slated for a wider roll out sometime soon in the coming months. Let’s take that last bit with a pinch of salt until we have official confirmation coming from HTC.

Source: Focus Taiwan
Via: Talk Android