HTC Butterfly Ad In China Is Quietly Brilliant

HTC has really improved the marketing skills vastly. I guess you could say that they’re “quietly brilliant.” I know, that one was a bit of a long shot. The company just released the HTC Butterfly ad in China, and it’s actually really good. You can definitely tell they’re really pushing this device in China.

One thing that consumers are going to like is HTC isn’t touting what the device is capable of hardware-wise (does the everyday average consumer really care about hardware or just a good experience anyway?), they’re actually showing what you can do with the Butterfly’s 5-inch display. HTC also shows off what makes HTC stand out from all of the other Android devices out there, which is a plus for them, as not a whole lot of consumers really look into it. Aside from that, who would really want to look into it after HTC’s sales figures plastered all over the internet?
Regardless, make sure to check out HTC’s Butterfly ad below!