How To Switch To Android from iPhone

Do you own an iPhone or a phone that runs on another operating system other than Android?  Well, this could be your best chance to switch to the Android operating system. If you are tired of the iPhone and the IOS, then you will need to take the big leap and move on to the Android operating system. You need to acquire a device that runs on Android.

I know it is not that easy to change phones, and more so the operating system of the phones. Well, for those who have decided to change to the Android operating system, I will take a little time and explain to you the procedures that you will need to follow for a smooth transition from the IOS to the Android platform.

There are many great phones and apps that are available on the Android platform. With your Android phone, you are definitely destined to great applications that are readily available for free on the Android Market. Note that the Android Market is the alternative to the app Store that is specifically available to the iPhone lovers. One disadvantage that comes with this switch to Android is that you will lose all your iPhone apps since they are not compatible with Android. You do not need to worry so much about this, however. You see, the people who develop iPhone apps also develop the same apps for Android. Therefore, you will still be able to run some of the apps you had on your iPhone on the new Android platform that you are moving to.

So, what will happen to the data that you have saved on your iPhone? What happens to your contacts, your photos and any other type of data that you may have saved on your iPhone? It is easy! For you to retain this kind of data on your new Android device, you will simply need to transfer it to your computer or you notebook. Then you will do the reverse to your Android device; just transfer the data from the computer to your Android phone.

Google Account On Android

You should know that Gmail is the default client on all the devices that run on Android. When you are on Android, your email client will move with you and all your Gmail data will still be available on your Android device.


Android and iPhone both have application icons. However, it is only in Android that you will get widgets. These are small apps that are found on your homepage and let you check your weather and read your emails without the necessity to launce the email app. These widgets are interactive. Therefore, as a new use of Android, you need to learn how to use them and love them as well.


Buttons On Your Android Phone

The iPhone has only one physical button. This, however, is not the case in Android phones. Your Android phone will come with four or five buttons. These are:

(a)    The Back button

(b)   The Home button

(c)    The Menu button

(d)   The Search button

You should also bear in mind that some Android phones have a track ball that is used for the purpose of navigation. Others come with a physical keyboard. All in all, you will definitely enjoy your smart move to the Android platform.


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