How To Root Your AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note II

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Before we start, ask yourself a few of the questions below. If you’re asking questions beyond what is listed below, check out this article.

Why should I root my Galaxy Note II?

One of the many reasons as to why you should root your Galaxy Note II is because of updates. After Samsung finishes a firmware update AT&T takes ungodly amounts of time to push the update out via OTA. Often the modding community has the next Android firmware version ready before anyone else. Aside from faster updates, If you want the best Android user experience possible, rooting your device and grabbing a constantly updated ROM will improve your overall appreciation for your device a lot.

Will rooting my Galaxy Note II benefit me?

It will in many ways. The first benefit that you’ll notice right away is the ability to get rid of all of the carrier bloatware that is constantly slowing down the operating system. The second benefit is the ability to install custom ROMs that will give you the most up to date firmware possible.

Now lets get to rooting your AT&T Galaxy Note II!

Disclaimer: The Droid Guy or the various XDA developers are not responsible for any actions that happen to your device. You are the only one responsible for rooting your Galaxy Note II.

Root for Windows users ONLY:

Keep in mind that if you have questions, feel free to ask below. We’ll try to answer as best as we can!

The first step is to get your device rooted. The directions and files needed to root your device are located here. Follow directions to the letter as best as possible. Skipping or skimming over something could potentially be dangerous for your device.

After that step is completed, you can look into a recovery. There are two choices: the TWRP or CWM method. TWRP tends to be the recommended choice due to its ease of use, but if you’re looking for something a bit more complex you can check out the CWM method as well.

You can only do this if your device is rooted. Your next step is to install TWRP recovery using the GooManager. A video guide is located below.

If you want to install CWM recovery as opposed to TWRP you can follow this guide here.

While we’re not going to be flashing a ROM in this guide, you should keep in mind that a recovery back up should be made before you decide to flash a ROM. This is so that if anything goes wrong, you can easily revert to the back up and start over again instead of having a nonfunctional device.

As is general knowledge, you should only flash ROMs that are for this specific device. This is why there is an XDA forum dedicated to the AT&T Galaxy Note II.

Hopefully this reference has helped you root your Galaxy Note II so that all of the carrier bloatware can stop slowing down your smartphone! Be sure to be on the look out for our list of suggested AT&T Galaxy Note II ROMs!