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How to Install Official CyanogenMod 10.1 AOSP 4.2.1 JellyBean on Nexus 7 3G

The official CyanogenMod 10.1 AOSP 4.2.1 Jelly Bean custom ROM for Nexus 7 has finally been released after weeks and weeks of development. We have seen all efforts done by developers to release a much stable version so, all credits go to them. Of course, together with the release of this ROM is a rough guide that Android enthusiasts can follow to install it successfully into their devices. However, the developer disclosed there are still some things that don’t work after the installation of the ROM including the following:

  • Bluetooth (& bt-tethering)
  • Wifi tethering (use an external app, e.g. WiFi
  • Tether for Root Users)
  • USB-tethering (use an external app)
  • FM radio

Rest assured the development continues and a more stable build may be released a few days from now. If you think you live without the abovementioned functionality and wishes to try what CM10.1 has in store for Nexus 7 3G, here’s a guide to walk you through the installation process.


  1. Your device must be rooted. Here’s our guide on how to rood Android devices.
  2. Make a backup of all your important data including your SMS, contacts and files. [Guide]
  3. Download CM10.1 AOSP JB package from here. [Link]
  4. Download Google Apps from here. [Link]
  5. Make sure you have sufficient battery left; at least, 50% is advisable.

Disclaimer: You cannot blame The Droid Guy or XDA Developers if something goes wrong with your device after the process. It is advised only owners who have vast knowledge on how to flash custom ROMs to their devices should continue with this process. At the end of the day, the decision is yours whether to flash this ROM or not.

Important Note: Make sure you install Tilapia Recovery first to avoid “Status 7” errors. XDA Developers have a better way to do this. Just follow this link.

Quick Step-by-step Tutorial

Assuming you have installed necessary drivers for Nexus 7 on your computer, it is just a quick process. Otherwise, take a little time installing them before you do the first step.

Step 1: Connect your Nexus 7 to your computer using the USB data cable and wait until it is fully detected. Copy the packages into your internal memory.

Step 2: Boot your Nexus 7 into recovery mode by pressing and holding Power, Volume Up and Volume Down buttons until you can see Android robot lying on its back. Once in recovery mode, use volume keys to navigate and Power button to select.

Step 3: Now flash the CM10.1 JellyBean package by navigating to the directory inside your device’s internal memory and choosing the zip package.

Step 4: Do step 3 once again but this time choose Google Apps package.

Step 5: Reboot your device and wait until it becomes fully active before using it.

Now, enjoy the new custom ROM. The development is still ongoing and updates will be posted here as soon as developers release new updates.

[credits to: XDA Developers]

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