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How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery in any Android device

A huge percentage of Android device owners wanted to enjoy their smartphones and tablets more than what their providers offer or what stock firmware is capable of. While it is undeniably true flashing unofficial and customized ROMs and firmware comes with risks, there are hundreds of features anybody can enjoy because they are simply a reflection of developers’ creativity and dedication.

People who often take the risk to install leaked builds of the latest Android versions are among the few to learn what the new features are and know first-hand what Google has in store for its eager Android followers. Such task is made possible through the use of ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM), a custom console that provides aid to advanced recovery tasks, installation and restoration.

While all Android versions come with their own recovery tools, CWM Recovery just provides help to all possible task an owner might need to make his device even better. Developed by Koushik “Koush” Dutta (all credits should go to this man), the usefulness of this recovery tool paved a way to make it the most popular recovery tool in the world of Android. Here are some of its advantages…

ClockworkMod Recovery Advantages

  • Install both official and unofficial ROMs
  • Install themes, kernels and apps more easily
  • Can create partition on the device
  • Can completely wipe Dalvik cache and even battery stats
  • It can also fix permissions
  • Above all it can be used to manage, perform and restore backups

Before you actually take the first step to installing ClockworkMod Recovery, make sure you have rooted your device.

Here’s a walkthrough guide on how to root your Android device. You can also read its benefits here.

ClockworkMod Recovery Installation Guide

There are alternative ways to install CWM into your device but using Koush Dutta’s ROM Manager App, which is available at the Google Play Store, is the easiest and most commonly used method. Some devices may require a different way to install the recovery…

Step 1: Download and install ROM Manager (Play Store link). There’s also a premium version here.

Step 2: Once the installation is finished, launch the app and tap on Flash ClockworkMod Recovery option.

Step 3: You’ll be presented with a list of device; choose the model that represents yours. The ClockworkMod Recovery installation should now begin and would be finished in few seconds.

Step 4: Wait for the confirmation that CWM was installed.

That’s it! No reboot is required. You can now use ClockworkMod Recovery anytime for whatever purpose. As of this writing, CWM Recovery 6.0 has already been released.

XDA Developers also provided a way to compile CWM on any Android device.

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