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Here’s a Compilation of the Top 15 Android Smartphones With the Best and Worst Battery Life


Let’s face it, Android devices aren’t generally known for their battery life, with a few exceptions of course. And this holds true because there’s so much running in the background that it’s hard for devices to keep going for long. And to further determine as to which device out there holds the most battery and which one does a bad job at it, the folks at have compiled a list of 15 devices with the best and the worst battery life. And undoubtedly the list is crowded with Samsung smartphones as you would imagine. The surprising part however is that the Motorola Razr Maxx or the Razr Maxx HD aren’t included in the list. So we’re guessing the list included only devices which have a “normal” battery. These statistics were compiled on 474 Android devices and after gathering 5585 battery usage reports. So there’s substantial data collection involved in the making of this list.


Among the list of devices with the best battery life, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 comes in at number one, followed by the LG Optimus Pro and the Nexus 7 in third. This doesn’t surprise us as these devices have pretty good battery backup, and two of them are tablets, which traditionally come with bigger battery packs. Samsung also tops among the Android devices with the worst battery life. Its Galaxy Mini S5570B and Galaxy Mini S5570L took the first and second place respectively. The Xperia X8 was in third place while the recently launched LG flagship, the Optimus G was at fourth place. Besides the Optimus G, there aren’t too many new devices in the list, which we feel is all thanks to newer versions of Android which do a good job at saving power.


A third graph shows us of the top 15 battery killer apps/processes. These include the OEM applications thanks to the skins and customization bundled with most devices these days. This is not a major concern as processes and apps differ from device to device. The whole list in fact gives us an idea as to how Android devices stand when it comes to battery life. Although, it was a little strange that the list didn’t include the likes of the Galaxy S III, the Galaxy Note II or the Motorola Razr Maxx or Maxx HD. The Galaxy S III and the Note II aren’t necessarily battery hogs, so I don’t think there’s much cause for concern anyways. It was also mentioned that on average, an Android smartphone lasts up to 20.4 hours.

Source: Root Uninstaller
Via: Phone Arena

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