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GTA Vice City For Android Pulled Due to Technical Issues, Apparently


If you have been following the Google Play Store or the iTunes AppStore of late, it is easily noticeable that most of the titles we see on the PC/Mac are making its way to smartphones and tablets. One such game is the classic Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The game originally launched for computers back in 2002 and has been a cult favorite since then. And as part of the 10th anniversary of the game’s launch, Rockstar Games (developers of the game) decided to bring it to iOS and Android. It was initially reported that the developer house will launch the game on both platforms simultaneously, but later it came to light that the app was scheduled to launch on iOS first. However, Rockstar Games surprised one and all when it made the game available on the Google Play Store yesterday. Inevitably, users who noticed this, flooded in to download the game. But what followed next was an absolute disaster. While users were able to download the game from the Play Store, it required additional files to be downloaded (as with any top game on Android). However, when users tried to download the additional files, they couldn’t really go through the process. This was believed to be an isolated incident at first, but then Rockstar Games removed the app from the Play Store, causing frustration among the fans.

Rockstar however was quick to come out with a comment. Here’s what one of them said – “It’s not out for Android yet so please don’t bother downloading that. There was a technical issue that came about today upon live deployment that will take a few days to fix. We’re aiming to have it out by end of next week. Sorry for this and please hang tight.

Rockstar claims it never even put the app up on the Play Store and if it did, it was by error. That’s a very lame excuse for such a major hiccup and one which we don’t see often with big developer houses like themselves. It is believed that GTA: Vice City had some validating issues with the APK which led to the whole mess. Thankfully, only a handful of users were able to download the game as the developers were quick to remove it from the Play Store. Rockstar further issued an apology for the whole incident – “Hey guys, due to unforeseen technical issues, the Android release of Vice City will be slightly delayed. Our goal is to get this out for Android by the end of next week. Our apologies for the delay to all our fans on Android devices and please stay tuned for updates.

The game could take another week or so to go live on the Play Store again, so Rockstar would want to take care of every little niggle the game has prior to putting it up. Were you one of those who got to download the APK but not the additional files of GTA: Vice City? Let us know.

Via: Eurodroid

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