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Google Updates YouTube For Android With a Revamped UI for 10-inch Tablets


The Android OS has evolved a lot since its inception back in 2007. While the platform has seen enormous growth with the smartphone OS, it was lacking heavily until Google recently announced Jelly Bean, which was optimized for bigger devices. But the problem with apps is still seen, and one such app is YouTube. On smartphones, the YouTube app is pretty neat, but the tablet version has been unchanged since the days of Honeycomb. But now with the new update to the app, 10-inch devices have received an all new user interface. It’s an exclusive 10-inch version of YouTube with some neat graphical modifications. The YouTube app update also brings forth an array of bug fixes, all across the board and not just limiting to 10-inch tablets. But since the all new UI is a major change in the 10-inch tablet segment, we’ll discuss more about that.

So what are the UI changes brought forward by the new YouTube?  Well, prior to this update, the YouTube app on 10-inch tablets utilized the Honeycomb style UI which displayed 12 videos at once in a visibly pleasing manner. Not that it wasn’t good on its own, but this new UI brings forth more functionality, albeit at the expense of losing some valuable space. The videos appear as tiles when you search for something, and grab more space than before, meaning there’s less video suggestions to view without scrolling. As Google plans to make this new UI more in line with the smartphone app, users can now see a consistent side bar on the left which will allow them to search through channels, videos or their own account with results appearing on the right. Watching videos is much better now, as the minimized window of the video is bigger than before. So basically you will find yourself at home with this new version of YouTube for 10-inch tabs, if you own an Android smartphone.

Some people have already complained over the lack of space in the app compared to previous versions. But I guess, Google can ignore them as there’s more coming with this than just cosmetic tweaks. It’s a revamp as some rightly call it, and a good one at that. With Google having its own device in the 10-inch segment, it was expected of them to provide support for apps on the big screen and not merely limit it to being scaled up versions of phone apps, which is how it is in most cases. You will love the update if you recently got a 10-inch tablet, but if you’ve been a veteran tablet user, it might need a bit of getting used to. The update should be live for all Android devices right about now.

Do you own a 10-inch tablet? How do you find the new version of YouTube? Let us know by dropping a line below.

Source: Google Play Store
Via: Android Police

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