Google Updates 10-Inch Tablet YouTube App To Closely Resembles Smartphone Experience


Google has just released new update for their official YouTube app for Android, which now features a completely redesigned UI for 10-inch tablets (to be honest, it looks terrible compared to the previous). They’ve changed it up to make it look similar to the smartphone experience. Users of the app are now able to navigate and easily find videos by swiping through channels on the left while having the ability to browse through all of the content on the right. This closely resembles the current version of YouTube in your desktop browsers as well.

The update does bring in a plethora of bug fixes, which are extremely welcomed considering the amount of issues its been having as of late. If you haven’t grabbed the update just yet, make sure to head on over to the download link to grab it (that is, if you want to switch from the current design. If not, I’d suggest not updating if you can handle the bugs and all).

Play Store Link

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