Google Play Surges, Apple App Store Still Lords Over Mobile App Market

Google-PlayGoogle Play recorded a big surge in its sales of mobile applications but it is still Apple’s App Store that reigned supreme after garnering the largest share in the pie, Mobile analytics Distimo released Wednesday.

Google Play has been on a tear in the mobile app market over the last four months, recording a 43 percent jump in its daily sales across 20 countries as reported by Distimo.

Then again, the figure was not enough to topple the App store from its thrown as Apple’s app distributor also registered a decent surge in its sales after gaining a 21 percent increase on a daily basis.

The App store also benefited from its strong performance in the first months of 2012, especially in January when it chalked up 51 percent on daily sales.

Destimo pointed out that the decline of App Store’s sales is caused by an already higher revenues, leaving Apple with limited room to generate more money. A good example for this is the Apple’s huge sales November, when it surpassed the $15 million threshold while Google Play only registered $3.5 million across 20 countries.

According to Destimo, the United States was the biggest market for Apple’s App store in 2012, while Japan, the United Kingdom, and Australia rounded up the Big 4. On the other hand, the United States and Japan are the largest markets for Google Play while Android-heavy using country Korea ranked third.

Naver’s Line Pop is the most successful game on any app store recently, recording 1.75 downloads three days from its release. It already racked up a cool $1 million in sales within its first 12 days.

However, the mobile app market is not always a mine of gold as an influx of new applications continued to crowd the market daily, hurting in the process start-up developers.

“And a small number of apps still account for a disproportionate share of overall usage. In November, just seven apps grabbed 10 percent of all sales for the App Store for the iPhone. That number was down from January when 11 apps took in those 10 percent of sales. And just 31 apps generated 10 percent of all free apps downloaded,” Distimo released Thursday.

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