Google Play Releases Best Apps of 2012 List

To cap the year 2012, Google has released a list of the best apps from the Play Store. The list is based on what Google deems to showcase the best of the Play Store in terms of “utility, beauty and accessibility,” and not on user ratings or number of downloads. According to the Google Play App Focus page, the list is a combination of apps that were launched this year as well as some that were released previously but received updates in 2012.


The list is made of ten apps, including Evernote by Evernote Corp., Pinterest by Pinterest, Inc., Grimm’s Snow White by StoryToys, Pocket by Read It Later, Expedia Hotels and Flights by Expedia, Ancestry by, Fancy by Thingsd, Seriesguide Show Manager by Uwe Trottman, Pixlr Express by Autodek Inc., and Ted by Ted Conferences. All of these apps, except for Grimm’s Snow White, are available for download free of charge.

Evernote is an app that allows users to organize information like notes and photos and sync them across various devices on which the application is installed. Pinterest, which is among the largest social networks this year, is a productivity tool that lets one collect images from the web to organize ideas and fuel inspiration. Grimm’s Snow White, for its part, is an interactive storybook app for children. Expedia Hotels & Flights is an app that assists travelers in booking trips and selecting hotel rooms. Ancestry, meanwhile, is a genealogy app that encourages one to know one’s personal history. Pocket is a reader that enables users to save content and view them offline. Fancy lets users search for interesting items and share one’s style. Seriesguide Show Manager convert a mobile device into a second television and keep track of shows. Pixlr Express is a photography app that boast of over 600 effects and adjustments. Lastly, Ted connects users to lectures on interesting ideas.

CNet notes that games are notably absent from Google Play’s Best Apps of 2012 list.

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