Google Play Gift Cards Coming To The U.K, But When?


Just yesterday we reported that a Google Play website launched in the UK to redeem Gift Card codes. I’d say that’s evidence enough to claim that Play Store Git Cards were on their way to availability in the United Kingdom. Today’s news reaffirms the evidence and reveals that Play Store Gift Cards may be imminent in the United Kingdom.

Android Central reports that there’s a menu hidden in the U.K Play Store entitled “Redeem” which brings up the page you see above. While Google Play Gift Cards haven’t been spotted in the United Kingdom just yet, the Google Play balance is in the correct currency and there is always a link to the Gift Card Terms of Service (TOS) page. Hopefully Google will launch these gift cards by the time Christmas time is around. They would make perfect stocking stuffers for those who use an Android device. Not only that, but Google could make a pretty penny off of them if they launch before Christmas.

source: Android Central

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