Google Play Gift Card Redemption Page Live In The UK

Google Play Gift Cards

As you know, Google Play gift cards have been exclusive to customers in the United States, but evidence has surfaced today revealing that this exclusivity is getting ready to change. Just this morning, the Google Play gift card redemption page went live on the British Google Wallet website for those who have a UK-based account. Granted, this page is useless without a gift card or code to enter in. Android Central has tried crediting a UK account with a U.S. Google Play gift card, but that turned out to be a disappointment as it didn’t work.

Regardless, the fact that the page has gone live only shows that Google might be ready to expand their gift card service outside of the United States. When we first saw the redemption page in the U.S. it was only a matter of days before we saw the first sightings of Google Play gift cards. Maybe this will be the same?

As you know, Google is working hard to get their various services out to other markets. In example, they’ve just launched Play Books and Play Movies for the Russian market and also launched Play Magazines in the United Kingdom last night. That said, we shouldn’t be waiting too long before we see more evidence of Google Play Gift Cards

If you live in the United Kingdom and spot Google Play gift cards somewhere, make sure to let us know in the comments below!

source: Android Central