Google Nexus 4 Available On Three UK


Consumers in the United Kingdom who aren’t interested in joining up with O2 to grab a Nexus 4 will be ecstatic, as O2’s Nexus 4 exclusivity deal is up and Three UK now has the device available to buy! Three is the second carrier in the United Kingdom to offer Google’s latest Nexus smartphone device.

Granted, the Nexus 4 is available via Google Play unsubsidized and SIM-free, but the device is extremely difficult to get your hands on the moment, as customers are currently waiting up to six-weeks for their Nexus 4 order (although, there are some reports that shipping is a lot faster than that).

Three will be offering up the 16 gig Nexus 4 for £35 on a new two-year contract, but will require customers to put down a £29 upfront fee. The plan includes unlimited 3G data, 2,000 minutes and 5,000 texts. Three is promising that customers will receive their order within the next business day. So if you put your order in today, you will receive the Nexus 4 by Monday.

You can also head on over to a Three store in the U.K to grab a Nexus 4.

source: Android Authority