Google Makes Mobile Ads More Tolerable For App Users By Adding a Double Confirmation Feature


Google has most of its revenues coming via ads. And undoubtedly, mobile ads is a big industry today. Most free Android apps come with ad banners on the bottom so as to increase the limited revenue that the developers get from their apps. This can be a little irritating for the users though as accidental presses on these ad banners is almost unavoidable. But Google now has come up with a way to avoid being redirected to a website when you accidentally press an ad banner. Google’s Mobile Display Ads team has come up with a neat solution to resolve the annoying issue.

Previously, clicking in the middle of the text ad banner would ask the user if they really want to go to the website stated in the ad. While pressing on the blue button in the corner would directly take them to the website, without any confirmation. Well, the team has now made some slight tweaks to this and these ad banners will now ask for a confirmation even when you accidentally or intentionally tap on the blue button or anywhere else in the ad banner for that matter. The confirmation process is very welcome and will makes apps with ads much convenient to use.


The Product Manager for the Google Mobile Display Ads Team, Allen Huang, gave out all the essential details of this new update. He said that most users accidentally click on these banner ads when they’re scrolling through pages. He rightly said that this new tweak will bring in more results for the advertisers as only people who are really interested in what they see in the ad will navigate to the website. We really like this new update and it should go a long way in increasing revenue for both the developers and the advertisers as the conversion rate this way will be much higher compared to how it was before. To be honest, most users don’t even look at the ads when they’re busy scrolling through their app, and for people who consider having ads as a nuisance, the developers often have a paid “pro” version of the app. But with this new update, banner ads will be more tolerable and we fear these pro versions will run out of business, unless of course they bring more than just ad removal to the table. What’s your take on mobile ads on a smartphone?

Source: Google Mobile Ads Blog
Via: Talk Android