Google Launches The Zeitgeist 2012 App On the Play Store, Relive All The Precious Moments of 2012


This year has seen many iconic events take place, most of which have been recorded by Google in its large database. And Google has now decided to share some of the finest moments of 2012 with a new app published by the company in the Google Play Store. The Zeitgeist 2012 Year In Review app shares some of the best memories of the year and has a video which is heart warming to say the least. The app basically is a one stop access to all the popular trends of the year, in almost every category.

The app gives top 10 lists in categories like fashion, sport, lifestyle, science with several sub categories inside each of them. We’ve seen several new changes this year, and it’s certainly a great way to recall all those memories with the tip of our fingers. There’s a global list of top 10 headlines and also an all American list. Either way, you will be treated to some neatly collected data which will take you down the memory lane.

Needless to say there’s a lot of Google related products in the technology category, mainly Nexus devices. The Nexus 7 brought forth a revolution of sorts in terms of Android tablets and completely changed the way people looked at tablets, so its entry is justified in every sense of the word. When you check out the pop culture category, there’s obviously PSY in the list (from the Gangnam Style fame). Users can also check out the most searched songs, the most searched celebrity breakups (yes, that too) along with trending people, trending TV Shows, trending movies,  trending athletes and so on.

Now for some relevant information. Among the trending electronics of 2012, the iPad 3 was ranked first followed by the Galaxy S III and the iPad Mini. The Nexus 7 and the Note 2 took the fourth and fifth places respectively. When it comes to events, Hurricane Sandy was trending the most as it garnered the most eyeballs right before the presidential elections. Make sure to download the app on your Android smartphone and let us know what you think of it. And watch the video montage too. The app is a free download on the Play Store as with any Google app. The app requires your device to be running on Android 2.2 or up.

Source: Google Play Store
Via: Android Central