Google Fiber for the Entirety of the U.S Could Only Be a Pipe Dream


Google Fiber has seen enormous popularity in the limited locations which have received the service. If you don’t know what Google Fiber is, it’s a project started up by Google to establish a broadband network using strictly fiber-optic communication. This was an experimental project started by Google with no information about a widespread availability. And it now seems like all hopes of a nationwide roll out of the Google Fiber service could be only a pipe dream as it is estimated that a sum of $140 billion would be required if Google were to provide fiber-optic service to the entirety of the U.S. The service currently is available only in Kansas City (Missouri and Kansas), and brings forth super fast internet to homes in these areas. Google’s decision process to pick the location for the initial roll out was subject to a lot of hype, and Kansas City was finally chosen.

Contrary to previous reports, it now seems like Google Fiber will only remain in Kansas. However, although Google cannot expand its reach to the entire country, it can provide service region to region and expand that way, which seems like a more viable option now. Goldman Sachs came up with the estimated amount Google would have to invest to bring Google Fiber to other regions in the country. If Google wants to satisfy even half of the country’s population or 50 million households, it will have to spend about $70 billion. Such an amount is large even for a company like Google. If it actually has the unrealistic plan of rolling out the service to most parts of the country, it will have to get a gargantuan loan just to get the infrastructure for the fiber-optic service.

People who have used Google Fiber have had nothing but good things to say about it. It is one of Google’s best new services to date. However, financial limitations will certainly be a hurdle in fulfilling Google’s dreams. But as we mentioned above, limited roll out initially will be a great way to go. Going by the results seen in Kansas City, it won’t be wrong to presume that Google would want to bring the service to other regions as well, particularly to places like New York and LA. We remain positive about this new project from Google as it brings better internet at our fingertips, along with the array of bundled Google Services with some plans. Fiber is no doubt a largely profitable investment for Google and the returns will be substantially more than what it gets with most of its products.

What do you think about Google Fiber? Should Google just see this merely as an experimental project, or should it consider this as a long term financial investment. With a speed of 1 Gigabit/second, Google Fiber is certainly right up there with the best new products/services of the modern era. So one can’t help but wonder what would happen with a widespread roll out. Head over to the Google Fiber page for more on its offers, if you’re from Kansas City that is.

Source: Business Insider, BGR
Via: Android Central

2 Replies to “Google Fiber for the Entirety of the U.S Could Only Be a Pipe Dream”

  1. What if Google forced Kansas City schools to think thru and implement virtual school hangouts for school study groups that could include kids home with infectious diseases. If data-security/privacy issues can be worked for schools they can be worked for any organization.

    Would that be a waste of anyone’s time?

  2. Hear ye! Hear ye! If Google did Fiber the stupid way it could cost $140B.

    Since when has Google done it the stupid way.

    Local user groups have needs for Fiber that have local solutions. Inventing claims of ‘public utility’ to tax, and charge competition out of filling local needs by claiming cherry picking will do you lots of good if your medical needs are met in 2020 instead of 2014.

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