Google Designing “X Phone” To Take On Apple And Samsung

Google is reportedly putting their acquisition of Motorola to good use by having the company build a new smartphone which is internally named as the X Phone. This device which will be released next year hopes to compete with the heavyweights in the industry such as Samsung and Apple.


Reports say that the engineers at Motorola are already working full time on the prototype model. It must be noted that Google acquired Motorola 7 months ago for $12.5 billion. The initial feedbacks from sources close to the project say that they have hit some major obstacles but we are not sure if this is related to the design.

Here’s what we do know about the X-Phone

  • It is going to be a marquee handset and is expected to standout from other smartphone models
  • Motorola is developing this model for Verizon Wireless under the Droid brand
  • After the X Phone is released the x Tablet will follow soon

Google has not made any official statement yet regarding this when asked to comment about it. Although the company develops the Android OS their presence in the smartphone hardware market is small. Their upcoming model with Motorola is their first step in making their hardware presence felt in the market.

The smartphone market is currently dominated by Samsung and Apple. Both manufacturers have cutting edge flagship models that are selling fast. For Samsung they have the Samsung Galaxy S3 while Apple has its iPhone 5. Millions of dollars’ worth of revenue is generated from the sales of these smartphones and Google wants a piece of the pie.

It would be great if the upcoming X Phone were to be made available outside of the Verizon network.  Hopefully the company will also be making a GSM version of this device.

Stay tuned as we bring you more updates regarding this upcoming model as new information about it is released.

via wsj

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  1. Please no MotoBlur UI. Just pure Android.

    Oh wait just read that its for Verizon, let the crapware begin.

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