Google+ Communities, A New Addition To Google+

Well, Google+ just got about ten times better than it previously was. As you know, Google has been making improvements to their apps all over the place. Whether it be Android, Gmail or iOS, you’re bound to have seen some sort of improvement to something this past week. Google isn’t stopping with upgrades just yet though, as the company has released a new feature to Google+ called Google+ Communities. Announced on their blog earlier today, this new feature will act as a hub around peoples common interests. You could join a Google+ community for those who adore video games, sharing recipes or are just car aficionados and etc.

Lets admit it, our circle of friends aren’t always excited or interested in things we get excited or interested about. Your friend who works at a financial institute is probably not as interested in a new feature that Google added to Android. Instead, he’s probably more interested in stocks going up or down. Two different interests, which can both be found on Google+ Communities.

With Google+ Communities you’ll be able to share and discuss ideas. The best of it all is that people will know what you’re talking about and get excited with you. Obviously this sounds a lot like Facebook Groups, but from what I’ve seen so far, it works a lot better when it comes down to common interests.

Having like-minded people you can talk too with a click of a button is definitely going to be a draw to Google’s quickly growing social network.

source: Google Blog


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