Google Calendar Updated For Android 4.0 Or Above


Owners of an Android smartphone running Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher will be able to take advantage of a new update available for the Google Calendar app. It’s quite a useful update as well. Users of the app are able to make a phone call, or look up a location to a event if a reminder includes an address or phone number straight from then notification screen. This new update is definitely making the app a bit more easy to use.

Another feature added to Google Calendar is when you’re in in month view you are able to long press on a time and date to enter an event. Based on your past history, Google will even automatically fill in some of the input fields for you. Google Calendar is a free app and the update is currently available in the Play Store. Make sure to hit the download link below to grab it or just head into the Google Play Store via your phone!

This update is definitely not ground breaking, but I’m sure we can allĀ agree that making things a little bit more easy to use is always welcome.

Have you downloaded the update for Google Calendar yet? Make sure to let us know how you’re liking it in the comments section below!

Google Play Store Download Link