Gameloft’s Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Now Available On The Play Store

Update 2: It appears that Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is now back up on the Play Store.

Update: It seems that Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour has been taken off of the Play Store due to download issues. A Gameloft spokesperson has said, “”Until the download conditions are back to normal we have decided to temporarily deactivate Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour from Google Play.”

We’ll make sure to let everyone know when the game is available again.

Thanks, Josh!

Original Article: If you remember a little while ago we reported that Gameloft’s first-person shooter, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, was delayed but was said that the game would release soon after its launch on iOS. Good news though folks, Gameloft has released the game on the Play Store making Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour the fourth installment in the Modern Combat franchise.

Gameloft has declared Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour to be “the most memorable action shooter ever.” While Call of Duty followers may highly disagree with the statement, Modern Combat 4 continues to stay true to their origins of terrorist-killing, but Gameloft has brought something new to the table as well. The game is powered by the Havok Engine, which Gameloft said produces some seamless ragdoll effects and more realism within the game world. One of the other new things that players will notice in Modern Combat 4 is that Gameloft has completely overhauled the multiplayer mode. There are now over 20,000 different arrangements for weapons along with a new ranking system integrated in the game. This will allow you to keep track of your progress.

You can grab Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour from the Play Store link below. It’ll cost consumers $6.99. I haven’t grabbed the game just yet. I kind of am holding back until I can get one of the MOGA controllers, as I’m really not a fan of controlling first-person shooters with touch controls. They tend to feel a bit clunky to me.

Have you downloaded the game yet? How do you like it thus far? Was it worth the delay?

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