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Galaxy S4 Rumored to Come with an S-Pen and 5 Inch screen; Release may be April

We will never have enough rumors on Samsung’s next flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S4.  Today, new rumors have surfaced that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will come with an S-Pen just like the Galaxy Note II, will sport a 5 inch screen with full HD 1080p display capability and may be in stores in April.


Earlier rumors hinted that the S4 may be released sometime in February 2013 or during the CES, but this would probably be too soon – the heat that the S3 left in the smartphone market wouldn’t have died down.  The interesting thing though is that the SIV seems a lot like the Galaxy Note II especially with the inclusion of the S-Pen.

There is also talk of the Galaxy S4 being unveiled or released in April next year but everything now seems so unreal especially since the rumors all come from unreliable sources.  The South Korean company had denied early rumors in September that they were already working on an S4 smartphone but there haven’t been any word from them since then.

If the phone will indeed come with a 5 inch 1080p screen, which we expect it should, then this will set a whole new standard of smartphone displays triggered by HTC’s Droid DNA phone.  The S-Pen is however the game changer.  If you didn’t know, the S-Pen was introduced with the Galaxy Note and is anew input system that eliminates the disadvantages of old input techniques and provides a more accurate and input method than a stylus pen.  What we already know though is that the smartphone will feature a screen with superAMOLED technology but it should have a higher display density than the Galaxy Note II.

With all the rumors and excitement of the upcoming Galaxy S, what is your take on high end smartphone devices, particularly the Samsung Galaxy S4?

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