FreeMyApps Beta Now Available On Android


Remember FreeMyApps on iOS? The coveted application that would allow you to download games in return for credits in which you could redeem for Amazon gift cards (and more)? Remember trying to go to the website on your Android device to grab the download only to realize that it wasn’t available on Android? That was a disappointing moment, but good news folks! FreeMyApps is now available for Android devices as a beta. Albeit not available in the Play Store, you can head over to the FreeMyApps website directly through your phone and will be able to download the app from there. Just make sure to allow your phone the ability to download from unknown sources so you can get it on your phone.

If you didn’t know, you earn credits by downloading apps. After getting enough credits, you can spend them on a Play Store gift card, an Amazon gift, A Fandango gift card among a bunch of other gift cards. One complaint many people have had is that you don’t earn as many credits as you do on iOS. While that is true, FreeMyApps is only in beta, so we may seem some things altered as it goes down the development path. Then again, they may be handling credits different due to it being a different platform (e.g. far more apps are available on the Play Store simply because of how open and low-cost it is to get a app on the Play Store compared to the App Store on iOS).

Make sure to head over to on your mobile device to grab the download!

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