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Final Fantasy IV for iOS release slated on Dec 17th, Android gamers have to wait until 2013

Square Enix announced recently that the fourth iteration of its famous Final Fantasy franchise will soon make its debut on Apple’s iOS platform not later than December 17th, just before the holidays and everyone knows what that means. Sadly, though, for Final Fantasy IV fans who maybe using Android devices, they will have to wait until 2013; the exact release date hasn’t been revealed yet.

The original version of FF4 used 16-bit graphics on SNES. It has been remastered for the DS and Square Enix confirmed that it will be the version that will be ported to iOS and Android, just like Final Fantasy III. Since technology today are far more advanced than the year this game was first released, we can expect better graphics and performance. That said Final Fantasy IV for iOS and Android will be featuring a full 3D world with 3D character models.

The audio will also be one of the most noticeable factors because each sound was made as realistic as possible. Moreover, since it will be played on touch devices, it will come packed with touch controls for both iOS and Android. And this time around, there would be new difficulty options so gamers have a choice to choose which difficulty level fits their skills. An easy option is for beginners, kids and gamers who might just want to kill time facing their phones. The difficult one will be for hardcore Final Fantasy gamers, of course.

It is believed that Final Fantasy IV will pave a way for V and VI. In 2013, perhaps, we would be seeing these games being ported to iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Square Enix is just one of the developers who are actively looking for ways to squeeze more juice from their innovations. And as the mobile industry continues to expand and dominate in the tech market, it wouldn’t be a surprise if majority of Square Enix’s video game titles will be ported to mobile platforms.

[source: Square Enix | via: Phone Arena]

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