Facebook Takes The Facebook Requirement Out Of The Facebook Messenger App

Facebook announced that they would be adding functionality to the Facebook Messenger to those who don’t have a Facebook account. Although, I don’t know who would not have a Facebook account, since you’re then labeled as a psychopath or a suspicious person. Regardless, to the use the Facebook Messenger app, all you now need is a name and phone number! This is obviously another marketing tool to hopefully get more people into using Facebook. As if their 1 billion active users wasn’t enough!

To be honest, having a Facebook Messenger without the Facebook sounds like a pretty silly concept to me. Although, I’m not entirely sure how you take the Facebook out of the Facebook Messenger.

Regardless of this being a way to market the social networking service, Facebook Messenger is a pretty good app for messaging. Some users may be surprised as to how well designed and easy-to-use it actually is. It’s definitely a start difference than the built-in messaging in the actual Facebook app itself (although, that could just be my specific smartphone and not the app itself).

Facebook has said that the update to the Android app would be rolling out some time today, so be on the watch for it!

Would you use Facebook Messenger without the Facebook aspect of it?

Now all we need is Google+ to do the exact same thing. Although, you sort of can already, it’s just a bit more difficult than what Facebook is doing with their app.

Source: Facebook Newsroom

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