Facebook Looking To Charge For Guaranteed Message Delivery


Facebook just recently calmed the waters with the Instagram fiasco, and now the company is looking to stir the waters again with an update to their messaging service and a “test.” Facebook is testing the waters to see if they can monetize off of messages that users of Facebook send. While it will also cut out spam, Facebook is asking you to pay them to ensure that the recipient will see the message. While you can’t really blame them for trying to find a way to make extra income due to it being a free service, Facebook is used a lot for getting back in contact with old buddies from High School or College. Why would you make those people pay to make sure that the recipient sees your message?

In other news, Facebook is also changing their users’ privacy settings into dynamic filters that will allow what they deem to be “relevant” messages through. These moves are Facebook’s attempt to address some of the old settings that often caused very important messages to go unseen.

Don’t get me wrong, I know Facebook is a business and they need to earn income themselves, but couldn’t they come up with a innovative way to earn cash? While this is hardly any reason to “leave” Facebook, why try to fix what wasn’t broken?

source: Facebook Newsroom


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