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Facebook For Android Updated to V2.0, Claims To Be Faster Than Ever


Anybody who has used the Facebook for Android application knows that it certainly isn’t the best out there. Although via updates, the app has improved in a lot of ways over its previous versions, it’s still not the best. And if you’re wondering why it is that way, well it’s because Facebook uses HTML5 to run the app. However, all of that is set to change thanks to a new update to the Android app by the Facebook team. Well, this time around the developers have written the app in native code, which means that Facebook For Android is finally a native app. The iOS version of Facebook got similar treatment previously, and we’ve been anticipating this update for quite some time now. So what’s new with the update?

Well, to begin with the app is faster. And Facebook claims it’s up to two times faster than the previous version which is for you and us to decide after actually using it. But in general, the app should be substantially smoother since it’s written entirely in native Android code this time around. This will apparently improve load times as well, along with bringing smoothness to the overall UI. It doesn’t seem like the update is live just yet, but should you see an update notification, make sure you download it right away. The Facebook team said – “We’ve rebuilt news feed, notifications and Timeline for speed.”

It is interesting that they’re paying emphasis to speed, and honestly that’s all a user wants from an app. There’s no changelog yet as the update hasn’t gone live in most places, but “speed” should be at the top of the list. Some might say the update is long overdue, but it’s never too late I think, as most users might not have even realized that a better or improved version of the app was coming. Regardless, this update is certainly a welcome addition and we should see more apps being written in native Android code to make it smoother and faster. Facebook has millions of users worldwide, and since most of them access the social network via mobile devices, dedicated applications are given more emphasis these days. Hopefully, this should only be the beginning of many more improvements coming to the app.

Have you updated/downloaded the new Facebook app yet? If yes, feel free to drop a line below to share your thoughts.

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Via: Android Community

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